Tom *Nordic* Manfield - King Of Kings?!

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Tom *Nordic* Manfield - King Of Kings?! Empty Tom *Nordic* Manfield - King Of Kings?!

Post by TomNordic on Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:11 am

Well, after a lot of seconds, minutes, days, months and other various time scales, I have returned to the NYPD scene! -Cheers and gasps from my fans-. I'm also expecting tributes from my people Fifty times a day, and songs to be sang about me! -More cheers and some songs now-. Now rejoice, loyal subjects, for your king, your lord, your saviour of the intellectual masses is here!

-Please Do Note That This Post Was A Joke, And Not Meant For Any Other Reason Than To Be Random. Sincerely, Tom Very Happy


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