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Post by cheerathletics on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:59 pm

Alliance Policy

All allies are to abide by Service Act within NYPD Premises regardless of any reasons.

The allied agency is to strive to maintain a healthy relationship with NYPD, with regards to maintaining exchanges of information’s and other means deem necessary

An allied agency is to not approve of any situations or activities that threatens the survival Of New York Police Department in any ways. An allied agency shall not align or endorse any ties or relations with aggressive agencies

The alliance shall implement a civil relationship between both parties. If should any issues arrive violating this clause, both parties are required to work together to resolve the issue. If the issue prove to be unsolvable, both parties may have the choice of the termination of the alliance.

New York Police Department reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of alliance at any time, but the alliance contract which is in effect with allied agencies shall remain unchanged unless both parties agree to the changes made.

New York Police Department and the allied agency reserves the right to terminate the alliance as it wish, reasons may or may not be provided depending on situations.

The allied agency and the New York Police Department can't transfer from the allied agency, and the Allied agency can't transfer New York Police Department workers.

If an allied staff(s) is to violate any terms of this alliance. The New York Police Department and allied agency is to cooperate together to administer the appropriate consequences to the staff(s) responsible.

Allied agencies and NYPD are not allowed to hired anyone from one another’s Ban On Sight (BoS)  and National Punishment (NP).

In situations where any allied agencies decides to put each other’s members on Ban On Sight  or National Punishment, a valid reasons must be provided and they are obliged to give the individual or group they selected to be placed on BoS & NP a chance to explain themselves.

All BoS & NPs are to be approved by both parties within the alliance agreement if they consist of members from their respective agencies.

Any violation of the terms and conditions of this alliance may result in the termination of the alliance.
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