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Post by cheerathletics on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:58 pm

Discipline Policy
Any violation of the Services Act is liable as a striking offense.

A person must be warned beforehand when giving a strike and be given when they persist in their act of breaking the Code Of Conduct

The higher rank when giving the strike must explain the rules the person broken before after issuing them a strike

Two strikes will result in a demotion.

Four strikes will result in being fired.

Strikes shall have a duration of one week or less

Strikes will remain in the person’s motto even if demotion occur unless stated otherwise by the higher rank whom gave the strike

The individual cannot remove the strike unless the person who gave them the strike tells them so.

A member of Supreme Command has the ability to disregard the strike system, And automatically fire any given member who breaches the following terms; The abuse of a senior ranking member, Muting (and/or) Banning any higher ranking member without appropriate reasoning.

If the person who gave that individual the strike refuses to take off the strike(s), do approach a higher rank to resolve the issue
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