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Room Rights Policy Empty Room Rights Policy

Post by cheerathletics on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:57 pm

Failure to comply with the points outlined within the Room Rights Act. will lead to disqualification of rights, in extreme cases a dishornable discharge may be presented

Muting Regulations
Low Ranks to Middle Ranks are subjected to 10 minutes mute pertaining to violation of Service act.

High ranks can only be muted on the basis of inflicting extreme verbal attacks or refusing to follow the chain of command with numerous and clear warnings given to both situation

Room mute is only usable during a room raid

Banning and Kicking Regulations
Do not ban a Higher rank

Middle Ranks and Low Ranks can be kicked only for multiple breaches of Services Act

Middle Ranks and Low Ranks can be banned for only for extreme verbal abuse, disrespecting Higher ranks and refusing order

The ability to move furniture, demolish rooms is stricly forbidden.
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