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Post by cheerathletics on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:57 pm

Representatives and Advisors
People with the rank of President and above can pick 2 lower iC members to become their Representative and Advisor. If you are picking somebody to be either your Representative or Advisor, make sure they are fully aware and capable of the tasks and responsibilities that they will have to uptake.

If you are going to hire someone as your Rep or Advisor, please make sure they place it in their motto as well as their rank and also make a badge for them to join and wear, this is so others can see that they are your Rep/Adv.

The following policy regarding Representatives and Advisors is to be followed, if not followed your assistant may be terminated, and the superior will face consequences accordingly.

Representatives will represent you when you’re not available e.g. Offline, Away from keyboard etc. It is important for you and your representative to maintain a healthy relationship as they will be speaking in your place when needed. Please make sure your representative has ways of contacting you when you aren’t online so they are able to communicate with you as this is an essential part of their role. Also it’s extremely critical that your representative doesn’t say things in your place that you haven’t given them permission to.. Taking notes and Screenshots are your best friends, use them in situations where things may need to be relooked at or used as proof.

Advisors will advise you on problems or views of other workers, This could be when you are online or offline. Its their job to inform you if there is a problem which is perfolding either in NYPD or outside.This could be anything from an alliance to someone deserving a promotion. But they must correctly inform you with full and correct information, and must not take these problems into their own hands. It is important to keep a open relationship with your advisor as you do not want any information left out, you must also make sure your advisor is easy to communicate with as this is a part of their job. Screenshots are your best friend, use them as a helpful tool to get the message across correctly.
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