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Post by cheerathletics on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:55 pm

Transfer Policy
Agency must have over 100 members in their standard badges
The individual must have been in their highest badge for at least 7 days.
Agency must have an active Headquarters.
The individual request for transfer must have an achievement score of 700 or above.
The rank offered to the individuals applying for transfer must be identical or within the next “in command” or lower.

How to Conduct a Transfer
1. Offer them a rank as stated in the guideline above.
2. If accepted, ask for them to leave all their current agency badges.
3. Instruct them to request for the relevant badges via NYPD Badge Order and AB
4. Log in the transfer details into “Transfer log” section on the forum
5. Send a personal message to inform the administrators of the badge to notify them of this transfer
6. The administrators reserves the right to decline the transfer on the basis of a valid reason
7. If the administrators decline the transfer, they must speak with the person-in-charge of doing this transfer to explain their reasoning.
8. On the grounds if the reasoning is flawed, the person-in-charge of this transfer may approach a higher rank to resolve this issue.
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